Trash The Dress…Cheap or Chic?

A new trend called “trash the dress” is taking the wedding world by storm. It’s when a bride basically does whatever is necessary to her gorgeous gown to get some stunning wedding photos. While trashing your dress nearly destroys the gown you probably paid an arm and a leg for, I must admit that the pictures are some of the most beautiful photos, wedding or otherwise, that I’ve ever seen.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

It takes an adventurous bride to do such a thing to most women’s prized possession, but you’ll definitely earn the title unique and chic at the end of it! Brides have gone to extreme lengths to come out with the best photos. For example, brides have gone parasailing, hiking, had a paint fight and even caught herself on fire! That’s determination.

Hiring a creative photographer is key to getting the beautiful, artistic shots you’re looking for. A photographer who knows your vision and recognizes exactly what you and your husband-to-be is crucial. Someone who has “trash the dress” experience is the best way to get what you’re looking for!

I’m not sure if I myself would trash my wedding gown, however I commend those brides who have the guts to utilize their imaginative and bold side to create a true masterpiece.


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