BOHO Is the New Black! How To Chose The Perfect Boho Dress, Decor and Destination

Being bohemian means being a free spirit. It has become increasingly popular as wedding trend as brides are trying to break free of the traditional wedding and do something more unique and carefree.

A “boho” wedding is feminine, relaxed and artistic. There are many ways to accomplish this lighthearted feel. One of the best ways to do so is using one the most popular ways to be creative in a wedding: flowers!

Flowers are one of the main components of a boho wedding; Not only can flowers that are used in traditional ways (such as a bouquet) be done differently, but now brides everywhere are finding more innovative ways to use blooms. Flowers are being seen in the bride’s hair, on her dress and everywhere else! Flower crowns are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding world and they add a carefree, hippie, yet stylish touch to your bridal beauty. They’re a fresh way to keep an element of a traditional wedding, but to show your unique and imaginative side too.

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Another way to incorporate a bohemian feel into your wedding is lace. Lace is so feminine, whimsical and a great choice for any wedding. It can be incorporated in the wedding dress, but also in the decorations. Guests will feel very laid back, relaxed and ready to celebrate!

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Location is also a way to let your boho side shine. Whether you have your wedding at the beach or in a forest, the little details will make it stand out from the rest. A beach bohemian wedding is causal, yet chic. You’ll end up with absolutely stunning photos with the ocean in the background and the wind in your hair! A forest bohemian wedding is intimate, woodsy and definitely very hippie. The forest offers scenery that is so stunning it will take your breath away. Either of these options is a great way to ensure you get the beautiful bohemian wedding of your dreams just by selecting the right wedding venue for you.

A bohemian wedding should be feminine, whimsical and laid back. No matter how it’s done, your creativity will shine through and make your wedding the relaxed, carefree and artistic day you want it to be!




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