A Vintage Wedding Never Goes Out of Style!

When most people think of the word “vintage,” they think old and outdated. When I think of vintage, I automatically think of weddings. There’s something so romantic about a vintage wedding and you can never go wrong with a theme that’s timeless. Vintage can mean a number of things in the wedding world. It can be classic, rustic, or my personal favorite, shabby chic. Shabby chic can include old suitcases, vintage picture frames and lots of lace! The point of shabby chic is to be antique and mismatched (and is also a great excuse why not everything goes together quite right. Perfect for unorganized people like me!)

Mismatched chairs, bridesmaid dresses, tables and anything else your okay to not match perfectly gives your wedding a very laid back feel where guests can feel comfortable without feeling the pressure to be on their best wedding behavior. One of the reasons I love a good shabby chic wedding is for that exact reason. Guests can feel comfortable doing what they actually want to do at a wedding: get drunk, dance like it’s prom in 1985 and have a great time!

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For a vintage theme, decorations are everything. Go to your local antique store and see what you can find for cheap! You may even be able to find pretty props to use in your wedding photos.

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The key to getting the chic part of a shabby chic wedding is to not go over the top. Have a few things mismatched (such as the ceremony chairs or bridesmaid dresses that are the same color but different styles) along with some amazing vintage decorations, but have everything else unified and cohesive. The last thing you want is your wedding to be all over the place. Shabby chic is a trendy, elegant way to be unique. It shows style, grace and class. But most importantly, it shows off your personality and ability to be creative. Happy planning!

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One thought on “A Vintage Wedding Never Goes Out of Style!

  1. Vintage weddings are so on trend. And you’re right, much more relaxed than the usual wedding we have come to know and expect. Vintage is more romantic, and nostalgic.

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